Saturday, October 11, 2008

Warm Autumn- Orange and Turquoise

Row 1: Wagon (Brides), Shawl (Etsy), Bridesmaid (The Knot)
Row 2: Invitation (Etsy), Bouquet (Brides), Seating Cards (The Knot)
Row 3: Tweed Suit (The Knot), Children (Brides), Carame Apple (Brides)
Row 4: Necklace (Etsy), Ring Pillow (The Knot), Aisle (The Knot)

We learned an important lesson at our house recently. Never dump a glass of lemonade on the laptop keyboard. It will wreck the computer. So, that is why I have been MIA for a while here...

Thought I would put together a "fall" wedding board, using the traditional orange. But, I thought the turquoise accent gave it a pleasant twist. I love the idea of using tweed for the men's suits. And the shawl would be perfect either for the bridesmaids, or the bride herself for some fun pictures, and to keep warm following the ceremony and into the evening.