Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Through the Eyes of a Child

The small details of Christmas seem to have gone by the wayside this year... It feels like there just isn't enough energy once the day-to-day tasks of dishes, laundry, diapers, meals, etc. are done! I love the Christmas season, and have a whole entire closet of embellishments to show for it. I usually love decorating- two trees (one real, one not), the porch, and nearly every room of the house gets some festive touch. Then, there is the shopping, wrapping, baking and entertaining! So fun! This year... not so much. The real tree, that I usually love to decorate "my" way, has only a few ornaments, that the kiddos pulled out and put on when the tree went up. The "fake" tree just got put up yesterday, rather haphazardly, and is looking a bit sad. And that's it. No stockings, garlands, candles, trees, wreaths, etc. The wicker furniture hasn't even been pulled off the porch and put away for the winter! Luckily my sister and a friend came over on Saturday and did some baking! We "cut back" drastically in the gifts department, and haven't even begun to wrap. (Although the task isn't nearly as overwhelming as some years!) I so look forward to hosting a Christmas brunch for my parents and my in-laws, a tradition I started when we got married, and yet I just couldn't pull it together this year.
What's my excuse? Not sure. Could be that I am now a Mom to 5 busy young ones. Could be that I am 8 months pregnant for our 6th little love. Could be that the tight budget just hasn't allowed for it this year.
And yet, Christmas is here. I am enjoying listening to Christmas music throughout the day and into the evening. The tree(s) seem to look just as magical, especially at night, even without all the details. The childrens' programs were as special as ever. And I am so grateful to be surrounded by an awesome bunch of friends and family. And thankful to have been blessed with an awesome man I call my husband, and our beautiful children.
Merry Christmas.