Saturday, September 19, 2009

Living Room Inspiration for My Mother

I came across an ad in Elle Decor Magazine that featured the floral print in the middle. It was shown as a bed spread on a bed with a dark plum leather headboard, with throw pillows in rich velvety fabrics in dark plum, sage green and orange.

I right away thought of my mothers Living Room. The walls are sage green, and she has a dark plum leather sectional. I think orange is the missing link! Somehow, these jewel-toned colors remind me of her.

All of the items pictured can be found on Etsy, with the exception of the center fabric (but there are some similar substitutes), the orange pitcher (flickr photo) and the birdcage (also flickr). The "Dream" sign is made with a vinyl decal, so I'm thinking some other wording would be more suitable: welcome, family, etc...