Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank Goodness It's {green} Friday!

Green Vinyl Wall Decals, originally uploaded by findingcalminchaos.

I have fallen in love with vinyl wall decals. There are just so many places I can think of to put one that I can't decided where to start! Luckily, they are quite reasonable, so I may just have to purchase several.

I know, I know. I cheated on the bike picture, as the actual decal is black. I was always drawn to decals that were colors other than green, 'cuz almost all of the walls in my house are green. I think I just might have to buy it for my back entryway. I think it would look perfect as I already have this print in there:
Click on pic for link to

Actually, it would be fun to put the frog in there as well, down near the baseboards, for a touch of surprise. We are a home for kids, you know.

I also have my eye on a couple others, one that I'll be blogging about in the near future, and one that I would like to put in my powder bath.

There are just so, so, so many ideas! I'm sure you'll see a lot of these popping up in my entries. I am just that fond of them.

How about you? Do you have one in your home? Any that you fancy, or ideas of how to use them?

Photos all courtesy of Etsy sellers:

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blogging Woes

Arg. I am having issues with getting my Friday post to show up correctly. It keeps leaving off half of my typing when I publish the post. It is late. I am tired. I will have to be tardy with getting all of the lovely green things I found to you this week. I am off the the Children's Museum tomorrow with my 1st grader. Good Times! Must. Get. Some. Sleep.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Black and White Formal Meets Country


Row 1: Chandelier via {frolic!}, Dress Nordstrom's, Veil here, Bouquet via The Knot,
Row 2:
Suit Nordstrom's, Anemone Ribbon Bout via InStyle Weddings, B-Maid dress from J. Crew, Bouquet via The Knot,
Row 3:
Programs via The Knot, Barn, Reception via The Knot, Guest Book via {frolic!},
Row 4:
Escort Card Crystals via The Knot, Reception via The Knot, Children Peeking via The Knot, Candy Buffet,
Row 5: Cake, Oreos and Milk, all from The Knot, Silhouettes via Etsy seller MissCrowland, Just Married Car via Brides

Please bear with me as I am a rookie at creating these boards. I realized once I put it all into this format that it looks rather busy and a bit awkward. I hope it still conveys the ideas I am trying to get across! Now, you tell me. What works? What doesn't? Does this all black and white board spell out f-u-n or y-a-w-n?

***Update: You have to check out Snippet and Ink's post today, Down Home Black Tie. So Cute!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Pause and remember....

Click on picture for credits.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thank Goodness It's {green} Friday!

In order to satisfy my love of all (okay. most.) things green, I have decided that I am going to declare Fridays as "Green Day". Every Friday I am going to post a medley of random finds that are, essentially, green. While I love How About Orange's blog, I'm not quite dedicated enough to devote my whole blog to the color. You'll have to get your fill of things green on Friday. So. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is some green greatness to feast your eyes upon.
From cb2 (click on picture for link). Affordable, too!

Also from cb2. Love the color, the pattern. Just don't have a place for it!

So cute. If I were to get married again (really, I hope I never do.) I wouldn't have a problem deciding what color to go with. Green. For that matter, I had green when I did get married. It's just... there are so many fun, awesome, lovable greens to choose from. How would I ever pick just one?

*sigh* If only I could get DH to wear this. I think he would look smashing.

Cute! Fun! Click on picture to read her description, and the secret word on the back. I love things that exude a little humor. Life is short, you know.

Ahhh. I think I should purchase this and hang it in my kitchen. 'Cuz some days I could use a reminder. or two. For that matter, it should become the banner for this blog! Click on pic to see more from this Etsy seller.

Fantastic. A compact carrier for my ipod/iphone. For nights on the town. And it's green! If only I had an ipod. or went out on the town.

Yes! If I were a gal with a "real" job, or even "just' a yuppy soccer-mom, I would have to have this sleeve. For my Caramel Macchiatos. Unfortunately, I mostly just stay home. And drink Folgers.

So, today I am off to the zoo on the kindergarten field trip. Where we should see lots of lovely green things. And brown. And spotted. And striped. What are you doing today? I hope it includes something green, eh-hem, I mean great!

Please stay tuned....

Tomorrow I will be introducing a new weekly feature. Today I will give you a hint.

Any guesses on what's to come?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Real Wedding

My little (big?) 6 year old was the ring bearer in a cousins wedding this weekend. Thought I'd share a few pics....

The {B}old and the Beautiful

For this event, I am going for a look that I call "classy and sassy". For a lady who was brought up in the time when manners and grace were all the rage, yet carries with her a bit of spunk. I wanted to get away from the pastels and go more toward the jewel tones. So that translated into the following: pink became wine, peach became dark apricot or rust, yellow to gold.

I think of this location, only during the afternoon, say a 2pm event.

The invites: simple and straight-forward. Tucked inside a peach envelope for a bit of unexpected.

Arrangements, above and below, that pull these colors together. I like the black urn, below, over the glass vase.

I really like the idea of a wishing tree. Where guests could write their sentiments and well-wishes and so forth.

The best birthdays of all are those that haven't arrived yet.
- Robert Orben

Oh, to be seventy again.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., upon seeing an attractive woman on his 90th birthday

Old age isn't so bad when you consider the alternative.
- Maurice Chevalier

For a fun twist on the program fan, why not print fun facts or trivia about the guest of honor? or
share stories about her life.
And then- time for cake. 80 candles not recommended.

Serve up the cake with delicious steaming hot cups of java. or tea. if you insist.

And, finally, a sweet little favor to end the afternoon. Adorable little baskets filled here with chocolate covered cherries. Could be fresh cherries as well. Or, chocolate covered chocolate. Just 'cuz I think she would be that kind of gal.

So. Tell me. Are you looking forward to turning 80?

P.S. As always, click on picture for link back to source.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Salmon, Sherbet and Gold

I think these invitations set the tone of this wedding just perfectly. The soft salmon and orange colors combined with an elegant font. Simple, classic and beautiful.

I envision a simple, white countryside church for the location. A recurring theme of soft pastel roses is introduced here with the matching wreaths.

Even on the inside, I would keep it simple and beautiful. Notice the lack of flower arrangements, pew decor, etc. The simple architecture and abundance of light speak for itself, and allow the focus to be on the wedding ceremony and its meaning. Beautiful music would be a must, possibly a cellist to play for the processional, flute or harp as a background during the vows, and trumpet recessional. Although, I don't know that it would matter the style of the wedding, I would always pair it with beautiful hymns and classical pieces.

The bride's attire is a touch more detailed, but I think it still works. For some reason, when I saw this dress, it just spoke to me as the perfect look for this wedding. It still says classic beauty to me. You'll have to work with me on the bride's bouquet. This is the closest I could come to what I want here. A no-frills, full bouquet of soft orange roses. Like this, minus the darker roses and seeded eucalyptus.

Bridesmaids: A look similar to the bride, only softer, more subtle colors. Oh. And straps on the dresses. Why is it that it is so difficult to find modest wedding attire?

The groom and his men. I am digging the change from black. But, no pink ties for the guys here. Gold for the groom and light orange for the others, please. Call me old-fashioned I suppose.

Now. For the reception. I want to take the same color scheme, but up the fun factor. I think these escort cards are great- still playing off the invites, but the bird motif adds a touch of playfulness.

I like the look of this tent. The airy feel it has, and the big impact the stripes have, without being over-the-top. A bit playful, no?
This is adorable. Along with the sweets buffet, I think it would be fun to serve little mini pronto pups with gourmet dipping sauces, and chicken tenders (again with the sauces), and other mini fair-type foods. (Help me here! What else would work?)

Fresh squeezed lemonade and iced tea, or italian sodas fit the bill nicely.

There it is, once again. That simply pretty cake. That looks so yummy, too, without the overly sweet frosting that usually goes hand-in-hand with wedding cake. I think that is one of the reasons this cake caught my eye in the first place. It just looks delicious!

And, to bid your guests farewell, send them home with a blue-ribbon caliber jar of yummy goodness. These contain the dry ingredients for favorite cookie or bar recipes, along with the instructions on how to make them. It could also be home-made jams or jelly.

So, what do you think? Did I manage to pull this off, or does it feel like a mis-matched mess? Is it classic and traditional without being stuffy and boring? Elegant, but fun?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet -n- Whimsy

Next up is an all-out party for a little girl. This was definitely more difficult to pull together, as I found it much more difficult to find images online that matched the ones in my head. There just doesn't seem to be as much of this sort of thing out there, I guess.

While the picture I have in my head is a bit pared down from the above image, it gives the idea. I see a patch of lawn beneath a grove of oak trees, in early summer. Simple round tables and chairs, in more of an ivory hue.
Fabric bunting like this strung from limb to limb. Invitations here.

Napkins- click on picture for template from Martha- could be done in advance, or as a project for the attendees.

Handmade paper tops scattered in the center of the tables, again from Martha (click on pic), to be used as centerpieces and also sent home as favors.

Hmmm. Difficult to see the detail here, but I love the monogram on the sleeve. So subtle and, well, detailed!

The perfect gift for your little princess. Click on pic for link to Etsy seller. How fun to have a locket! Also- keep this in mind for later when we talk favors.

Since an actual playhouse just seemed extravagant (unless your little girl is lucky enough to already have one!), this seemed to be a more affordable option, especially if you have the skills to do it yourself. A couple of these in the yard, and the wee ones can make-believe for the afternoon.
Especially when her other gift is a tea set, like this one. This is actually a vintage one found on e-bay (click on pic), but is too adorable not to note here.

This fun little chalkboard (maybe you already have one on hand?) could be used to welcome guests as they arrive, or the party-goers could write their well-wishes for the guest-of-honor.

This would be so, so, so fun. To rent a vintage-styled photo booth, or create your own. Some prints have the option to get two duplicate rows of four different shots- one to keep and one for your guest to take home as a favor. To up the fun factor, have an assortment of props on hand- tiaras, wide-brimmed hats, glasses, etc.

How about cake and sorbet to top off the day?

Along with ice cold milk- but only if you serve it up in these awesome bottles!

I like these as favors for the image of the by-gone era they evoke.

And every girl's gotta have lip balm! (Again, picture has clicky link to Etsy seller.)

Now. Remember up above when I told you to keep the image of that darling pearl necklace in mind? I looked all over for a kit to make something along the same lines, and this is the closest I could find. (Clicky, clicky on pic.) I wanted to find a kit, suitable for younger girls, that was more elegant- ivory pearls and silver seed beads on a thin pink cord. I think I would just go out and buy the materials, and make the "kits" myself. Tuck the supplies into clear cellophane with a fold-over card. This could also be party entertainment as well, and they would take home the finished product.

Ah. That's it for this one, folks.