Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Wedding- Pink and Black

Row 1: Table setting (MS), bouquet (MS), shawl (etsy seller deciduoussoul), ring pillows (MS)
Row 2: Wishing tree, couple (MS), mini cakes (MS)
Row 3: Photo booth kiss (I think found via, cake (
Row 4: Ties (MS), favors (MS), barn (from flicker), garland

Ack! I somehow managed to loose all the link info as I was putting together this board. I did my best and I apologize for missing links!

Wanted to try to do a winter wedding in pink. I think the black accents off-set the feminine hue, and some of the other elements- wool shawl, knit pillows... bring in a feeling of warmth to combat the season's chill. I think this would be fun to do for a February/Valentine's Wedding instead of the traditional Valentine's Red....