Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family Reunion

Family Reunion, originally uploaded by findingcalminchaos.

Row 1: Party Sign from Cox and Cox, Lanterns (the knot), Croquet (BHG)
Row 2: Flag Bunting from Etsy Seller, Cookie Jars image by Amor*ology via Oh Happy Blog, Bottle Tops
Row 3: Photo Booth from {frolic!}, Crayons (the knot), Sandwich (BHG)

Now, my sisters will probably just about die when they see what I have posted here, as this event is supposed to be Simple! Easy! and Informal! (You see, I have a habit of making these things too complicated) Never fear, my dears. This is just for fun. Although, I did try to keep this board real, as in we ARE hoping to incorporate quite a few of the elements. (Photo booth, Croquet, Cookies) I'll try to post a few pics of the real event in a few weeks.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Flag Day!

Row 1: Dessert Buffet via Lucky Me, Parfaits (MS), Dress, Mini Burger (MS)
Row 2: Reception Table, Flag Planter (MS), Mini Pie Favors found via S&I, Ceremony (Red Barn Studios)
Row 3: Suit by JCrew, Red Barn (Red Corral Ranch), Cake (MS) found via Wedding Inspirations, Stationery by Bellis
Row 4: Bouquet from Etsy seller tinarie21, Reception (Red Barn Studios), Flags from Country Living Magazine, Trike from Brides, via S&I

In recognition of Flag Day falling on a Saturday this year, I thought I'd do a Flag Day Wedding Board. Could be used for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or (in the instance the stationery was designed for) a couple who met through their politically tied jobs! No matter which side of the isle you are on, and in a time of political dis-satisfaction in this country, I still say we live in the greatest nation on earth. So, get out your flag and fly it with pride! (or don't. 'cuz that IS what makes this nation so great.)

I'd love to see an old upright piano used for the prelude music (you're a grand old flag), as well as the more traditional ceremony tunes. I like the look of a vintage-styled, knee-length white dress with red accessories- a red sash at the waist, simple red bead necklace and red shoes. A short or bird-cage veil would be cute as well. I think the key to pulling this off without making it feel too cheesy, is to choose a venue that naturally lends itself to the colors, for example the red barn with white trim that is used here. Then, use the colors of red, white and blue generously, but be selective in actually using the flag so that it doesn't feel overdone.

***Update: I just came across this lovely photo while perusing {frolic!}

***Update #2: The perfect table setting from Rebecca Thuss

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photo Booths- What fun!

My sisters and I are in the process of planning a little, informal family reunion in a few weeks. It dawned on me the other day that we need to have a DIY photo booth set up. Here are some images that have inspired me:

(as always, click on picture for link back to source. thanks!)

Thank Goodness It's {green} Friday!

Clockwise from top left:

Cuff Links

Thought I'd put together a Father's Day- inspired collage today. I know it's so cliche to give a tie for Father's Day, but how could you go wrong with one as hip as this? Love the 3-D card- how do people do these things?? The romper is for the little one that gives proof of fatherhood, to wear in honor and appreciation of the man he calls dad. And, the classy cuff links are for the guy who works in the office from 9-5 to provide for his family.

The Dad in our house will be gone fishing Friday and Saturday, so our plans here are to create some cards and make a yummy breakfast for him on Sunday. Then we'll spend the afternoon hanging out as a family, I think. Oh. And we'll let him off of diaper-changing-duties for the day. What could be better than that??

Hope your weekend is a special one!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Modern Formality, Teal and Golden Yellow

Row 1: Church from The Knot, Petal Bouquet from MS, Dress from Brides
Row 2: Calligraphy by Laura Hooper via S&I, Cake from the Knot, Mango Puree from the Knot
Row 3: Reception Lounge from The Knot, Vest & Tie via, Teal Car via Flickr

eyelet and lace

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Thank Goodness It's {green} Friday!

Camping with Etsy, originally uploaded by findingcalminchaos.

er, Saturday. *cough, cough*

My hubby was really looking forward to taking the 6 and 4 year old boys camping this weekend, but got rained out. They are all very disappointed. So. This post is dedicated to all those who wish they were communing with the great out-doors, but can't. At least not in the fun, camping sort of way.

All images found on Etsy.
Back Pack
Bug Soap
Tree Stamp
The Buttons Go Camping Journal
Camping Decals

Did you make it out camping this weekend? I think my favorite camping activity is sitting around the camp fire in the evenings. What is yours?

Sunset in the Rockies

Row 1: Gift via weddingbee, Ring, Bouquet
Row 2: Groom, Invites, Blue Truck
Row 3: Cake, Sweetheart Table, Ceremony
Row 4: Aisle Petals, Punch photo by Gertrude & Mable Photography via Snippet & Ink, Bridesmaid via weddingbee

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort, originally uploaded by findingcalminchaos.

Row 1: Wall decals by Blik via Velocity, Bridesmaid Dress, Cake, Shoes all via
Row 2: Shirley Plantation via flickr, Invitation by Idieh Design via Toast and Tables, Dress by Alfred Angelo via
Row 3: Umbrellas, Reception both via the knot
Row 4: Reception Tent from the Knot, Groom via Brides, Bouquet, Table Centerpiece

This board was inspired by the image of the invitation. I liked the unique and quirky aspects of it, as well as the variety of color. I imagined a ceremony held on the front porch of an old, Southern plantation home, with the ceremony held in a nearby tent. I was looking for a touch of southern formal, toned down by a barrage of muted bold colors. I like the idea of using historical figures for table names, or another option would be vintage tea tins like these from Martha, for a nod to the past.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Dirty Little Secret That's Been Swept Under the Rug

To anyone out there with a large family, or a room with heavy traffic like a back entryway or mudroom, it's time to bring the outdoors in. Wait now. There are days when I wish everyone could just leave more of the outdoors, OUT! With 6 people regularly coming and going, we seem to have a continuous sand box in our house. I considered putting down some grass seed, giving it a sprinkle of water here and there, and creating an organic rug, but that seemed a bit extreme. And then I discovered the beauty of the outdoor rug. I have one in my back entryway and it is the best thing ever! So much cuter than many of the options that are designed for this type of space. And so, so, so easy to clean! The ones I am talking about are made out of polypropylene. Simply sweep, or vacuum for daily cleaning. (Forgot the dustpan in the closet? Just lift one corner of the rug, check if mom is looking, and give a brisk sweeping motion with the broom.) But, if it is looking a little worn out and weary, take it outside, hose it off, and let dry. Fantastic! And, size for size, I think they are quite affordable! And cute! Did I mention cute?

(As always, click on picture for link to source.)

I think this brown floral one would look cute in a laundry room, or even a master bathroom that needs an added boost of style.

I love the brick red color of this one. The one I have is (sort of) along these lines, only more orange, and an all-over large print floral. I love the cheery welcome it greets us with every time we come home!

I just think this one is pretty. This would work well in a more formal front entry.
And this one. Well, did I mention that I like green things? Even bright,-lime colored green things? So many things and so little time. (oh. what? i need more money? ah, shucks.) See, that's why I have this blog. "cuz dreamin' don't cost nothin'!