Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rustic Victorian

Row one: Strawberry Pie (MS), Reception Shed (the Knot), Wedding Dress (Brides)
Row two: Bicycle Built for Two (Brides), BM Dress (Rebecca Thuss), Table setting (the Knot)
Row three: Typewriter guest book (the Knot), Floral Centerpiece (the Knot), Invitation (via frolic!)

I'm feeling rather "autumnal", and thus the rich jewel tones of this board, mixed in with rustic fall countryside. I picture lush, textured fabrics (velvet and burlap). While I would keep the ceremony decor to a minimum and allow the beauty of nature to set the tone, for the reception I would take things up a notch. I love the idea of contrasting the simple setting of the shed with an abundance of mixed jewel-toned flowers and fruit. The meal would also showcase the bounty of nature, with succulent fruits and veggies accompanying each dish.

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