Friday, April 25, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It is cold and rainy. Again. And supposed to snow! this afternoon. And it is nearly May. It is so difficult to keep a positive attitude when I and the kids are craving warm sunshine. They love to be outside, and climb the walls when they have to be inside all day.

I shampooed the living room carpet last night, so the house is in dissaray with furniture in the dining room and hallways. We are planning to bug out here real soon to run errands, then stop in at my sister's for the afternoon. There will be cousins there to play with, so hopefully they will all be content to play inside.

Gr. Whatever loss the scale had been showing the last couple days disappeared again. It is the cycle that I repeat over and over again. Do great for a few days, things start moving in the right direction, then I sabotage it all. I am frustrated as it feels like I am doing so much better than I was before Christmas, and yet I am not losing. Then I remind myself that until then, I had been slowly gaining. I really need to begin journaling again, Weight Watchers style.

So, today's eats:

B- Kashi Crunch (5) w/ skim (2), coffee/creamer (2)
L- Salad w/ almonds (6) and lt dressing (2), sandwich w/ mayo, cheese (7)
coffee/creamer (2)
S- All bran crackers (2) with lt laughing cow cheese (1), 2 peanut butter bars (8?)
D- Eggs, scrambled w/ cheese(6) on toast (2), 1/2 chicken brat (3), coffee/creamer (2)
iced caramel machiatto from starbucks (5?)

so, that means if my daily points is at 34, then I've used up 21/35 of my allotted weekly allowance points. Is it any wonder I am not losing weight???

Must get in a work-out video tonight. -nope. went to menards w/ dh for supplies for the fireplace mantle.

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