Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Flag Day!

Row 1: Dessert Buffet via Lucky Me, Parfaits (MS), Dress, Mini Burger (MS)
Row 2: Reception Table, Flag Planter (MS), Mini Pie Favors found via S&I, Ceremony (Red Barn Studios)
Row 3: Suit by JCrew, Red Barn (Red Corral Ranch), Cake (MS) found via Wedding Inspirations, Stationery by Bellis
Row 4: Bouquet from Etsy seller tinarie21, Reception (Red Barn Studios), Flags from Country Living Magazine, Trike from Brides, via S&I

In recognition of Flag Day falling on a Saturday this year, I thought I'd do a Flag Day Wedding Board. Could be used for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or (in the instance the stationery was designed for) a couple who met through their politically tied jobs! No matter which side of the isle you are on, and in a time of political dis-satisfaction in this country, I still say we live in the greatest nation on earth. So, get out your flag and fly it with pride! (or don't. 'cuz that IS what makes this nation so great.)

I'd love to see an old upright piano used for the prelude music (you're a grand old flag), as well as the more traditional ceremony tunes. I like the look of a vintage-styled, knee-length white dress with red accessories- a red sash at the waist, simple red bead necklace and red shoes. A short or bird-cage veil would be cute as well. I think the key to pulling this off without making it feel too cheesy, is to choose a venue that naturally lends itself to the colors, for example the red barn with white trim that is used here. Then, use the colors of red, white and blue generously, but be selective in actually using the flag so that it doesn't feel overdone.

***Update: I just came across this lovely photo while perusing {frolic!}

***Update #2: The perfect table setting from Rebecca Thuss

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