Monday, June 2, 2008

The Dirty Little Secret That's Been Swept Under the Rug

To anyone out there with a large family, or a room with heavy traffic like a back entryway or mudroom, it's time to bring the outdoors in. Wait now. There are days when I wish everyone could just leave more of the outdoors, OUT! With 6 people regularly coming and going, we seem to have a continuous sand box in our house. I considered putting down some grass seed, giving it a sprinkle of water here and there, and creating an organic rug, but that seemed a bit extreme. And then I discovered the beauty of the outdoor rug. I have one in my back entryway and it is the best thing ever! So much cuter than many of the options that are designed for this type of space. And so, so, so easy to clean! The ones I am talking about are made out of polypropylene. Simply sweep, or vacuum for daily cleaning. (Forgot the dustpan in the closet? Just lift one corner of the rug, check if mom is looking, and give a brisk sweeping motion with the broom.) But, if it is looking a little worn out and weary, take it outside, hose it off, and let dry. Fantastic! And, size for size, I think they are quite affordable! And cute! Did I mention cute?

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I think this brown floral one would look cute in a laundry room, or even a master bathroom that needs an added boost of style.

I love the brick red color of this one. The one I have is (sort of) along these lines, only more orange, and an all-over large print floral. I love the cheery welcome it greets us with every time we come home!

I just think this one is pretty. This would work well in a more formal front entry.
And this one. Well, did I mention that I like green things? Even bright,-lime colored green things? So many things and so little time. (oh. what? i need more money? ah, shucks.) See, that's why I have this blog. "cuz dreamin' don't cost nothin'!

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