Sunday, November 1, 2009

Managers of Their Chores- Update

I received the Managers of their Chores kit in the mail on Friday and spent most of the day yesterday reading the book. I really like the approach that they take with teaching chores to your kids. They often reference a Biblical basis for doing chores, and although I appreciate that perspective, it does get a bit over-the-top for me. What I really like about it is the tone that they promote. There is a chapter for each Mother and Father to read and take to heart the instructions on a meek and mild-mannered approach to instilling responsibilities in the children. In addition to this instruction, there is a step-by-step process and very detailed information on how to establish a long-term habit of routine chores in your home. I am excited to get started.

The first step that I am going to take is to simply sit down with the children and explain to them that there are going to be some changes in the way we do things around here, and that we will ease our way into them slowly. We will review some of the reasons it is good to have chores to do:
1.) Read and discuss the Biblical references
2.) Discuss how even at a young age, responsibilities and chores are preparing them for when they are grown-up.
3.) Discuss how it is my hope that this will help to bring about a more peaceful atmosphere in our home.
4.) Remind them that by working together it will create more time to spend together as a family.

I will briefly show them the system that we will be working on, and then ask them for any input on the chores they would each prefer. This is recommended in the book, not as the deciding factor in who does what, but as information to take into careful consideration when determining each child's chores.

It is my goal to begin implementing a morning chorepak routine this week.


Bob and Reb said...

I haven't read your blog since last September! I haven't heard you talk about this kit. Has it helped? Have you used it? Feedback? This is something I've really been wanting to start, esp a little before #6 comes bouncing into our home! :)

-K said...

I have been waiting to give any feedback until I feel that I have given it an honest effort. It takes some time to get it implemented! I got "chore packs" put together for the kids JUST for their morning chores, (make bed, brush teeth, bring laundry down) so pretty basic, but didn't designate a spot for them to turn in/keep the chore paks, so they got lost in the shuffle of showings and move. My hope is to have the system back in place to try it again when summer vacation starts. I know, I know, the wheels sure do move slowly around here!