Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank Goodness It's {green} Friday!

Green Vinyl Wall Decals, originally uploaded by findingcalminchaos.

I have fallen in love with vinyl wall decals. There are just so many places I can think of to put one that I can't decided where to start! Luckily, they are quite reasonable, so I may just have to purchase several.

I know, I know. I cheated on the bike picture, as the actual decal is black. I was always drawn to decals that were colors other than green, 'cuz almost all of the walls in my house are green. I think I just might have to buy it for my back entryway. I think it would look perfect as I already have this print in there:
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Actually, it would be fun to put the frog in there as well, down near the baseboards, for a touch of surprise. We are a home for kids, you know.

I also have my eye on a couple others, one that I'll be blogging about in the near future, and one that I would like to put in my powder bath.

There are just so, so, so many ideas! I'm sure you'll see a lot of these popping up in my entries. I am just that fond of them.

How about you? Do you have one in your home? Any that you fancy, or ideas of how to use them?

Photos all courtesy of Etsy sellers:

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able mabel said...

I love the bird one! I need something to dress up my mudroom and entryway. These might be the ticket!