Monday, May 19, 2008

Salmon, Sherbet and Gold

I think these invitations set the tone of this wedding just perfectly. The soft salmon and orange colors combined with an elegant font. Simple, classic and beautiful.

I envision a simple, white countryside church for the location. A recurring theme of soft pastel roses is introduced here with the matching wreaths.

Even on the inside, I would keep it simple and beautiful. Notice the lack of flower arrangements, pew decor, etc. The simple architecture and abundance of light speak for itself, and allow the focus to be on the wedding ceremony and its meaning. Beautiful music would be a must, possibly a cellist to play for the processional, flute or harp as a background during the vows, and trumpet recessional. Although, I don't know that it would matter the style of the wedding, I would always pair it with beautiful hymns and classical pieces.

The bride's attire is a touch more detailed, but I think it still works. For some reason, when I saw this dress, it just spoke to me as the perfect look for this wedding. It still says classic beauty to me. You'll have to work with me on the bride's bouquet. This is the closest I could come to what I want here. A no-frills, full bouquet of soft orange roses. Like this, minus the darker roses and seeded eucalyptus.

Bridesmaids: A look similar to the bride, only softer, more subtle colors. Oh. And straps on the dresses. Why is it that it is so difficult to find modest wedding attire?

The groom and his men. I am digging the change from black. But, no pink ties for the guys here. Gold for the groom and light orange for the others, please. Call me old-fashioned I suppose.

Now. For the reception. I want to take the same color scheme, but up the fun factor. I think these escort cards are great- still playing off the invites, but the bird motif adds a touch of playfulness.

I like the look of this tent. The airy feel it has, and the big impact the stripes have, without being over-the-top. A bit playful, no?
This is adorable. Along with the sweets buffet, I think it would be fun to serve little mini pronto pups with gourmet dipping sauces, and chicken tenders (again with the sauces), and other mini fair-type foods. (Help me here! What else would work?)

Fresh squeezed lemonade and iced tea, or italian sodas fit the bill nicely.

There it is, once again. That simply pretty cake. That looks so yummy, too, without the overly sweet frosting that usually goes hand-in-hand with wedding cake. I think that is one of the reasons this cake caught my eye in the first place. It just looks delicious!

And, to bid your guests farewell, send them home with a blue-ribbon caliber jar of yummy goodness. These contain the dry ingredients for favorite cookie or bar recipes, along with the instructions on how to make them. It could also be home-made jams or jelly.

So, what do you think? Did I manage to pull this off, or does it feel like a mis-matched mess? Is it classic and traditional without being stuffy and boring? Elegant, but fun?

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able mabel said...

I'd say you definitely pulled it off!

I'm thinking that you need to start your career as a party planner! You sure have the eye/feel for it!