Monday, May 12, 2008

'Twas a fine spring day...

I had a very fine Mother's Day, indeed. I was so pleased with myself as I had gotten all the kiddos dressed in matching outfits for church, and they all looked so nice. Realized only when DS 2.5 made a very attention-getting trek down the center aisle half-way thru the service, that he was wearing DS4's grubby tennis shoes, on the wrong feet! I guess he had gotten them on himself and went out to the van, and I assumed that DH had gotten him ready and out the door. I am sure quite a few were chuckling over that one.

Stayed afterwards for a very lovely Mother's Day Brunch, put on by the men-folk. Egg bake, pancakes, sausage, fresh fruit and cinnamon rolls. Delish! After that, headed over to my sister's home where we enjoyed visiting and these fabulous rolls, along with latte's.

Yep, I told you it was a fine spring day. Here are the dutiful guys, busy supervising the little ones while we relaxed.
From there it was off to the in-laws for supper. Can you tell I had fun wrapping her gift?
Grandpas are just the best. Grandpa M entertained the kiddos non-stop. There were wagon rides and firecrackers and a bon-fire.
After a while, we got the hint. This is the "welcome" mat at my mil's front door. I do love her sense of humor, as well as this mat. Life is too short to take so seriously!

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able mabel said...

I had to chuckle at the tennis shoes! My three year old tried to go to church in her pretty dress and mud boots! I was picking up sister J for church and she commented on them! Good thing we live on the same street so I was able to race back home and get her a decent pair of shoes! Note to self: always check shoes before heading anywhere!

I'm glad to see you had a nice Mother's Day! The weather was awesome and we all had a grand time also!