Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet -n- Whimsy

Next up is an all-out party for a little girl. This was definitely more difficult to pull together, as I found it much more difficult to find images online that matched the ones in my head. There just doesn't seem to be as much of this sort of thing out there, I guess.

While the picture I have in my head is a bit pared down from the above image, it gives the idea. I see a patch of lawn beneath a grove of oak trees, in early summer. Simple round tables and chairs, in more of an ivory hue.
Fabric bunting like this strung from limb to limb. Invitations here.

Napkins- click on picture for template from Martha- could be done in advance, or as a project for the attendees.

Handmade paper tops scattered in the center of the tables, again from Martha (click on pic), to be used as centerpieces and also sent home as favors.

Hmmm. Difficult to see the detail here, but I love the monogram on the sleeve. So subtle and, well, detailed!

The perfect gift for your little princess. Click on pic for link to Etsy seller. How fun to have a locket! Also- keep this in mind for later when we talk favors.

Since an actual playhouse just seemed extravagant (unless your little girl is lucky enough to already have one!), this seemed to be a more affordable option, especially if you have the skills to do it yourself. A couple of these in the yard, and the wee ones can make-believe for the afternoon.
Especially when her other gift is a tea set, like this one. This is actually a vintage one found on e-bay (click on pic), but is too adorable not to note here.

This fun little chalkboard (maybe you already have one on hand?) could be used to welcome guests as they arrive, or the party-goers could write their well-wishes for the guest-of-honor.

This would be so, so, so fun. To rent a vintage-styled photo booth, or create your own. Some prints have the option to get two duplicate rows of four different shots- one to keep and one for your guest to take home as a favor. To up the fun factor, have an assortment of props on hand- tiaras, wide-brimmed hats, glasses, etc.

How about cake and sorbet to top off the day?

Along with ice cold milk- but only if you serve it up in these awesome bottles!

I like these as favors for the image of the by-gone era they evoke.

And every girl's gotta have lip balm! (Again, picture has clicky link to Etsy seller.)

Now. Remember up above when I told you to keep the image of that darling pearl necklace in mind? I looked all over for a kit to make something along the same lines, and this is the closest I could find. (Clicky, clicky on pic.) I wanted to find a kit, suitable for younger girls, that was more elegant- ivory pearls and silver seed beads on a thin pink cord. I think I would just go out and buy the materials, and make the "kits" myself. Tuck the supplies into clear cellophane with a fold-over card. This could also be party entertainment as well, and they would take home the finished product.

Ah. That's it for this one, folks.

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