Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Decisions, decisions....

My brother-in-law is getting married at the end of June. My DH, DD7 and DS 6 and 4 will all be in the wedding. Since I would like to get a picture of the family at the same time, I am hoping to coordinate with them, at least a little. They will be wearing black and ivory with a wine accent. The other colors of the wedding are tangerine, and green. And the bride would prefer no black. Here are some of the things I am looking at:
This little number I received in the mail today, and while I like it, really like it, it is too small and not available in a bigger size. Now, I am going to try to make it work by then, but on the chance that I can't, I need another option.

These are two more options, but I'm not sure how the colors will look/look on me. I tend to be a greens/blues/blacks girl, due to my color tones.

Love this dress! I think the color and style could be flattering. But is it dressy enough for a 2pm church wedding? Maybe? I also like this one for the short little sleeve, rather than sleeveless.

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able mabel said...

Thanks for the sweet comments and very good advice you left on our blog!

I didn't know you had a blog...I'm bookmarking it so I can read it daily! It looks awesome!

I love the first dress, esp the color! Very classy!

Wow! What a shower! That food looks sooooo yummy! You did a fabulous job!

Back to read the rest....

able mabel sister LJ