Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming Soon....

.... to a blog near you!
Well, okay. I can't actually bring you this wonderful cake, but I am going to bring you a series of posts inspired by it. Since one of the things I like to do is look at wedding ideas (partly because there is a plethora of wedding jazz out there) and then translate those ideas into areas of my life that apply. When I saw this cake, I thought of all kinds of wonderful situations in which it could be brought to life. So, I am going to attempt to pull together ideas based on this cake for a baby (girl) shower, a sweet little girls birthday party, a sophisticated wedding, and a birthday event for a more "mature" (for lack of a better term) woman. Maybe your grandmother's 80th.

I wish I knew how to make the nice-looking inspiration boards like Snippet and Ink.
But, I haven't learned that yet so you'll have to put up with my crude layouts. Wish me luck!

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